05 October 2009

Yeah, I hung out with famous people.

I'm bored. These are old. That's it. haha

Danny Bonaduce.
Actually a really nice guy!

Lance Bass.
Totally an asshole! haha

Please share your celeb stories if you got 'em! Sorry for the random post! : )

ON A SIDE NOTE: The lovely Shadowy Lady pointed out that the comments weren't working on here! Those are fixed, hence the new look! Thanks Saadeh!


  1. yeyyy, comments are working now :D I've never met any celebrity as I live in boring Ottawa :/ except for Bonjovi when he was here on concert. He was as amazing and I thought.

    I never thought Lance would be an asshole, he looks kinda sweet. What did he do?

  2. ooo i would love to see bon jovi! sexinesss! haha

    lance was just totally not interested in taking pictures & meeting fans. why do you come to events like that if you're going to seem like you don't even care? look at him & his fake smile. lol