01 October 2009

Healthy Living: Fun Exercise Idea #1

Dog Parks. 

This is my dog, Sadie. She absolutely LOVES the dog park!

If you don't have a dog or don't know anyone that has a dog, this obviously won't work for you. Sorry.

But if you do have a dog, you might not realize the benefits of taking your pooch to a dog park (for both the dog & yourself!) or that there just might be one down the street from you!

Hopefully, as a dog owner, you are aware that exercise is just as important for your dog as it is for you. Some people find playing fetch in the backyard or taking a walk around the neighborhood sufficient enough exercise for their pup. However, socialization is also a very important part of having a happy, well-behaved dog. This is where the dog park comes in.

If you are not familiar with a dog park, it's exactly what it sounds like. They are gated & fenced off parks where you can take your dog off it's leash & let it roam free. Allowing your dog to socialize with other dogs helps them learn to deal with different situations & different people even. Plus, they have so much fun! Dog parks are certainly not for every dog, so for more tips on socialization check out this site.

What do you do while your dog has fun playing with it's new friends? Walk! One of the dog parks near my home actually gives you the distance around the park if you were to walk it. Taking it around 4 times is a mile! You can watch your dog play & meet new people all while you're getting some good exercise. Most parks have a lot of trees & are very pretty so it can sometimes be a nice little escape. Find a dog park near you here.

I personally LOVE taking Sadie to the dog park. She runs around like crazy & plays with all the small dogs. The best part - once I get her home she's completely pooped & will just sleep the rest of the day. haha

I hope some of you who have never gone check them out & really enjoy them! Thanks for reading!

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