24 December 2009

FOTD Miranda Kerr Inspired

Here's my #4 Fit Lady pick, Miranda Kerr. I love this natural, rosy look. She's just so cute!!

This one is pretty simple. I used a mix of MAC Satin Taupe & Elite e/s on the lid & lower lash line. A touch of MAC Shimmertime pigment as highlight & on inner corner. A light pink blush from the Coastal Scents blush palette. Lastly, a soft wash of MAC Crosswires l/s & Smashbox Go l/g. Hope you like! : )

15 December 2009

FOTD Beyonce Inspired

You may or may not remember my Top 5 Fit Ladies in Hollywood post, but I had always planned on doing makeup looks inpired by these five ladies. Better late than never, right? Here's my #5 pick, Beyonce. Simple, but fun & sexy.

(clicking any picture will give you a larger view)
MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Mylar e/s
MAC Kid e/s
MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s
MAC Black Track fluid line
Urban Decay Flipside e/s
Urban Decay Perversion e/s
Mod Lash #53's
MAC Bone/Beige sculpting powder
Bare Minerals Jessica l/g

Healthy Living: Portion Control Follow Up

So a couple months ago I made a post about proper portion sizes. I wanted to do a quick follow up to let you know how it has been going for me.

I'm sad to admit that portion sizes was the only thing I was really able to focus on. I had wanted to get myself to the gym more often, but that just didn't happen. I'm so lazy... haha But even though exercise was not something I was able to jump right into, I found that controlling my portions was!

When I was writing that post, even I thought to myself: portion control... looks a lot easier than it probably is. I found it to be a lot easier than I thought and I'm really glad I actually gave it a shot. The biggest change in my eating habits was what I ate at work. I work at a restaurant and  the food we serve there is FAR from healthy and FAR FAR from proper portion sizes. For example, we serve BBQ Chicken there which comes with TWO chicken breasts & TWO sides. That's just way too much food.

I also find that when I eat on my break at work, I don't want to only eat half of something like that and box it up. Frankly, I have no where to put it except my car. But I also had to pay for it, so I don't want to waste it! Hopefully you can understand my dilemma.

The first thing I tried was ordering off of the Kid's menu. Sounds a little extreme and my co-workers are constantly making fun of me, but I've learned that sadly enough, the portion sizes are perfect for adults! What I order most often is our Kid's Chicken & Rice. It's a 5oz. grilled chicken breast and the citrus rice we serve at my work that I love! At first, I got a little hungry before dinner time had arrived, but after only a few days my body was used to it and it fills me up. The hunger I felt at first wasn't even anything to complain about. I also found it much easier to get through the day since I wasn't so stuffed with (bad) food!

With just this one simple change, I've noticed myself making healthier choices at other restaurants and ordering smaller portion options. I can't say it's made a huge difference in my weight, since again I'm not really exercising, but I definitely noticed my belly flattening slightly & I felt bloated so much less often (which was becoming kind of a problem for me).

I apologize for being so wordy & rambly but I was excited to share with you how easy this turned out to be and encourage you all to watch your portions (if you don't already)! Let me know if you are currently trying to make some similar changes in your diets. I'd love to hear about it. : )

Original Post: Healthy Living: Portion Sizes

14 December 2009

FOTD Fun Holiday Party Look

There are a lot of great traditional party looks floating around out there right now, so I thought I would try something a little more colorful. Hope you enjoy, thank for looking!!

MAC Painterly paint pot
NYX Milk pencil
MAC Kitschmas pigment
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Deep Blue Green pigment
MAC Mylar e/s
Loreal Carbon Black lineur
Estee Lauder Sumptuous Volume mascara
Coastal Scents blush palette
Random Champagne color l/s
Smashbox Fast Track l/g

FOTD Golden Berries

I did this yesterday, and now I know that I really need to post looks right after I do them or else I'll forget what I used! haha It took me forever to remember the products. My memory is horrible. Thanks so much for looking!

MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Vanilla pigment
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s
MAC Concrete e/s
MAC Burnt Burgundy pigment
MAC Mylar e/s
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
MAC Carbon e/s
Bourjois Ultra Volume Clubbing Black mascara
Coastal Scents blush palette
MAC Creme D'Nude l/s
Smashbox Snappy l/g

06 December 2009

Top 5 Winter Beauty Products

I think it's pretty safe to say that we all hate that our skin get sooo dry during the winter. Following are a few of my favorite products that help me stay moisturized through the cold!

MAC Prep + Prime Skin

I prefer this primer a lot better over Smashbox Photo Finish during the winter.

Jergens Natural Glow Firming Moisturizer

I've used this product for a long time and recently came upon the firming one. Love this because it keep my tan going throughout the winter, and I actually notice the firming effect.

Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant

My lips get dry and cracked so easy when it's cold. As long as I use this stuff at least once a week I really don't have problems with dry lips. I find it works best when I use it in the shower.

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream

I bite my nails (which I realize is a disgusting habit that I've been trying to break my whole life) and my cuticles really take a beating from it. Combine that with cold ass weather and I have myself some gnarly looking fingers! This stuff works great and smells good!

Olay Body Butter Ribbons with Joboba Butter

I've never been able to find a body wash that left my skin actually feeling moisturized after I got out of the shower. After I step out of the shower and dry off I feel like I've had lotion soaking into my skin for a few minutes. Not a greasy feeling, just moisturized. It's great!

I know none of these are new products, but are definitely my tried & true. Let me know if you've used any of these & what you thought!

Elf Fun!

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

hahahah these things crack me up!

29 November 2009

FOTD Sketch It

I have had Sketch e/s for quite some time now & I realized I rarely use it! I was reminded by Jen's lovely post, but hers is waayyy better than mine. I had fun playing though. haha

MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Sketch e/s
MAC Shadowy Lady e/s
MAC Beautiful Iris e/s
MAC Soft Brown e/s
MAC Mylar e/s
MAC Zoom Lash mascara
MAC Black Track fluid line
Urban Decay Score blush
MAC Nude Rose l/s

28 November 2009

Tags! : )

I hope everyone who celebrates it had a great Thanksgiving!! This took me awhile, but thank you so much to Saadeh, Kelly, & Jen for tagging me! I always feel the love from you ladies!

To accept this award: Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.
Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you’ve newly discovered.
Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The 15 I choose are a good combo of blogs I've be frequenting for awhile now & blogs I've newly discovered & am really enjoying!

A Beauty & Fashion Blog
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I probably won't let you know if I tagged you so (mainly because I think most of these people have already done this!), but if you haven't yet, I'm sorry & hopefully you'll see this.

23 November 2009

FOTD Rock & Roll All Night

Going to see KISS on Tuesday!! My original plan was the do Paul Stanley's makeup, but I learned that I do not have the skills to draw a star on my face hahah

So anyway, this is my version of Jean Simmon's makeup. Love the smokey eye!

Products to come later.

07 November 2009

FOTD Smokey Eel

MAC Painterly paint pot
Urban Decay Sellout e/s
UD Mushroom e/s
MAC Electric Eel e/s
MAC Typographic e/s
MAC Goldmine e/s
MAC Mylar e/s
MAC Feline e/l
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Balck mascara
UD Score blush
MAC Subculture l/l
MAC Florabundance l/g

Thank you so much for looking!

04 November 2009

FOTD Soft & Pretty Green Look

I've been really drawn to soft colors and simple eyes lately. I tried to make it a little more interesting by using green & adding some falsies. Hope you like.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Painterly Paint Pot
MAC Yogurt e/s
MAC Naked Lunch e/s
MAC Humid e/s
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s
MAC Mylar e/s
Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner
Mod Lash #53 lashes
Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Black mascara
Bare Minerals Vintage Peach blush
MAC Creme D'Nude l/s
MAC Florabundance l/g

Thanks for looking!

01 November 2009

My Halloween Look

Ok, so I know I posted that Mermaid Mask & said that was what I was going to be for halloween, but I just wasn't able to put together a costume for it! I changed my mind literally days before & threw things I already owned together & decided to be a lion tamer instead. It worked out perfectly because my boyfriend was Tigger & I got to tame him with my whip all night! : P hahah

I don't have any really good pics of my costume, but I based my makeup off of the Moulin Rouge tutorials by MissChevious & MakeupGeek .

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s
MAC Concrete e/s
MAC Carbon e/s
MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s
Hot Pink from the Coastal Scents blush palette
MAC Belightful Iridescent Powder
Mod Lash #53 lashes (LOVE THESE!)
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero
Loreal Carbon Black liquid liner
Swarovski Crystals from Michael's
MAC Bombshell l/s

30 October 2009

FOTD Pink & Purple

I've been feeling so uninspired lately & this month was so busy! Hopefully by the end of the month I'll be able to get back into the swing of posting. November is going to be a good month!! I have so many things I'm looking forward to. Anyone have anything upcoming they're excited about??

MAC Painterly paint pot
MAC Vanilla pigment
Urban Decay Sphynx e/s
Urban Decay Ecstasy e/s
Urban Decay AC/DC e/s
MAC Mylar e/s
MAC Gorgeous Gold e/s
Benefit Bad Gal lash
Benefit Coralista blush
MAC Nude Rose l/s
MAC Florabundance l/g

Thanks for looking!

13 October 2009

Six Interesting Facts...

Long time no post! More looks & fun stuff coming soon, it was just a crazy weekend! Just because I really wanted to post something, I stole this from Clara . : ) I love learning new things about people so if any one else wants to post this please do!!

1. I have a chicken pox scar right smack in the middle of my eye brows. (I'm sure you've noticed in pictures! haha)
2. I'm always singing. When I'm walking around work, around my house, in the car, you name it. To my best friend's torture, the song is usually "Tomorrow" from Annie. lol
3. When I was little I had a lazy eye, so when I would try to cross them one eye would go inwards  & the other would stay center. hahah
4. Once I finish with god awful community college, my goal is to transfer to Portland State. I'd love a change of environment.
5. My grandma's maiden name is McGuiver. I always thought that was so cool. lol I am French Canadian, Irish, Dutch (basically everything that doesn't get tan!) & probably a few other things we don't know about. My other g-ma was adopted.
6. I have this weird obsession with baking cupcakes. I haven't done it in awhile, but I get crazy into baking them & sometimes decorating them. haha I make them from scratch, too! : )

Sorry if this was boring. Like I said, more looks coming soon. I just need to recover from my weekend of drunkeness. : P Thanks for looking guys!

06 October 2009

FOTD Art Inspired

I love the strong beauty the women in this painting have. The colors are also just too beautiful to not feel inspired.

*I also posted this as a challenge on Specktra if you're interested. : )

Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Jinx e/s
Urban Decay Twice Baked e/s
Urban Decay Sellout e/s
MAC Cranberry e/s
MAC Mylar e/s
Urban Decay Homegrown e/s
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Bourbon
Urban Decay 24/7 liner Zero
MAC Carbon e/s
Bourjois Clubbing Volume Black mascara
Coastal Scents blush palette
Smashbox Rush l/g

PS. I have Twitter now. Check it.