14 September 2009

Top 5 Fit Ladies in Hollywood

I'm all about loving your own body & not being obsessed with body image to be happy, but everyone has their own ideal. These are the top 5 ladies that inspire me because they are fit, they look healthy, & they are hott!


I'm a big-bootied girl (which I have to accept will never change) & this woman makes me love it!

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Miranda Kerr.

Everytime I look through a Victoria's Secret catalogue she always catches my eye! Her tummy is perfect, & she's just so darn cute!!

(check out my Miranda FOTD here)

Katy Perry.

She's just absolutely gorgeous. Enough said.

Megan Fox.

I know a lot of people don't like her, but they have to admit at least that she is sexy! I always love her makeup looks as well.

Lady GaGa.

Yes, she's strange & shocking, but her figure is just ridiculous! She has that amazing dancer's body (the kind that can get away with wearing those leotards all the time), which would definitely be my ideal body.

So anyway, these are the ladies that I think about when I'm on that treadmill! haha

Who are your fitness inspirations?

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