15 December 2009

Healthy Living: Portion Control Follow Up

So a couple months ago I made a post about proper portion sizes. I wanted to do a quick follow up to let you know how it has been going for me.

I'm sad to admit that portion sizes was the only thing I was really able to focus on. I had wanted to get myself to the gym more often, but that just didn't happen. I'm so lazy... haha But even though exercise was not something I was able to jump right into, I found that controlling my portions was!

When I was writing that post, even I thought to myself: portion control... looks a lot easier than it probably is. I found it to be a lot easier than I thought and I'm really glad I actually gave it a shot. The biggest change in my eating habits was what I ate at work. I work at a restaurant and  the food we serve there is FAR from healthy and FAR FAR from proper portion sizes. For example, we serve BBQ Chicken there which comes with TWO chicken breasts & TWO sides. That's just way too much food.

I also find that when I eat on my break at work, I don't want to only eat half of something like that and box it up. Frankly, I have no where to put it except my car. But I also had to pay for it, so I don't want to waste it! Hopefully you can understand my dilemma.

The first thing I tried was ordering off of the Kid's menu. Sounds a little extreme and my co-workers are constantly making fun of me, but I've learned that sadly enough, the portion sizes are perfect for adults! What I order most often is our Kid's Chicken & Rice. It's a 5oz. grilled chicken breast and the citrus rice we serve at my work that I love! At first, I got a little hungry before dinner time had arrived, but after only a few days my body was used to it and it fills me up. The hunger I felt at first wasn't even anything to complain about. I also found it much easier to get through the day since I wasn't so stuffed with (bad) food!

With just this one simple change, I've noticed myself making healthier choices at other restaurants and ordering smaller portion options. I can't say it's made a huge difference in my weight, since again I'm not really exercising, but I definitely noticed my belly flattening slightly & I felt bloated so much less often (which was becoming kind of a problem for me).

I apologize for being so wordy & rambly but I was excited to share with you how easy this turned out to be and encourage you all to watch your portions (if you don't already)! Let me know if you are currently trying to make some similar changes in your diets. I'd love to hear about it. : )

Original Post: Healthy Living: Portion Sizes

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