24 May 2010

What's In My (Super Messy) Handbag! + Kings of Leon

Even thought there is an extremely high chance of this being really boring... I'm going to do it anyway! hehe

My not-so-fancy purse a la Target (you'll notice a lot of Target stuff in my bag!)

My makeup bag courtesy of MAC.

Inside the makeup bag. Going from left to right:
  • MAC Slimshine Lipstick in Bare
  • MAC Zoom Lash Mascara
  • Eye Drops
  • Urban Decay 24/7 Liner in Zero
  • MAC FAscinating Ruby Smokey Eyes Palette (Holiday Col.)
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium
  • MAC 181 brush
  • Small Mirror

A look at the Ruby Palette:
Scant, Gorgeous, Satin Taupe, Ambiance, Dark Devotion, Carbon

My wallet (Target again), Twilight Woods lotion from Bath & Body Works (seriously smells sooo good!), USB drive, Sunglasses ($5 from Nordstrom) gotta have them living in sunny So Cal!, Trader Joe's Green Tea Mints, my Ipod, Pepper Spray (a girl got raped in the parking lot of my work -in the middle of the day- I don't leave home without it!)

TOP: Lemon Hand Sanitizer (BBW again), Stride gum, pens pens & more pens
BOTTOM: Shine Lip Moisturizer from Smashbox, MAC Flourabundance l/g, MAC Crosswires l/s, MAC Nude Rose(LE) l/s, Coffee Flavor Tablettes (I'm addicted to cafeine!)

I didn't get a pic of my cell phone but it's always in there, too. Sorry if you sat through all of that! lol

And now some Kings of Leon. One of my favorite bands, their older stuff is amazing. This song is off their album,
Aha Shake Heartbreak. Check it!

Kings of Leon - "Soft"



  1. I love Kings of Leon too!! Have you seen them in concert? Your target bag is cute, my purse would be full of target stuff too if we had them here !

  2. We have similar purse content hahaha love Kings of Leon too!