30 May 2010

Dramatic Brights Tutorial + Lykke Li ♫

I got a few products from the newest MAC Collection - To The Beach. I usually skip on most collections but I absolutely loved the packaging on this one! The only products I got were Hipness blush, Float On By e/l and Temperature Rising l/l. Love! So this look is just what I came up with playing around with the products.

I actually really like Temp Rising even thought it is very bright! I imagine I'll be wearing it with some different lip combinations a lot this summer (with much more toned down eyes, of course :) Hope you enjoy!

I've already applied to my face: MakeUp Forever Concealer, MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Light Medium, MAC Refined Golden Bronzer, MAC Hipness Blush.

Apply Float On By e/l to the lid.

Blend out with your finger or a fluffy brush.

Apply Urban Decay Homegrown e/s by patting it on top of the eyeliner and blend out the edges. Also apply to the lower lash line.

To the inner & outer corners only, apply MAC Humid e/s.

Using MAC Gesso e/s and a fluffy blending brush soften the edges quite a bit. Then apply a small amount of MAC Crystal Avalanche e/s to the center of the eye lid.

Apply Float On By e/l to the lower water line and set it with Homegrown e/s.

Smudge Urban Decay Zero liner on the lower lash line and upper waterline, up into the lashes.

MAC Blacktrack fluid line to the upper lash line and mascara.

For the lips I applied Temp Rising l/l followed by MAC Bombshell l/s and a little bit of MAC Pink Poodle l/g.

Thanks for looking... and listening!!

Lykke Li - "Dance, Dance, Dance"


  1. very purty look! i love that eye liner!

  2. Very nice! I am loving so many things from the To The Beach collection. :)

  3. i know! i wish i could have gotten more but i put myself on a strict budget with this one! haha

  4. beautiful look Stephanie :) thanks for the tutorial

  5. such gorgeous colors! You are so talented, I had no idea! Wanna come over each morning and do my makeup for me? hahaha

  6. lol sure! ;) we still need to get beers my dear!

  7. What a pretty combo! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Beautiful look! I love greens!